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Hidden Qualities of La Prima Brand

The 3 Hidden Qualities of La Prima Brand

The 3 Hidden Qualities of La Prima Brand

The 3 Hidden Qualities of La Prima Brand


In a La prima dress there is quality, which the eyes can easily see. There is attention to detail, which a perfectionist can only appreciate. Our intricate designs and superb fabrics make a La Prima dress one to vy for!

In our view, a La Prima bride is a walking definition of what a bride should look like: regal, mesmerizing and dream-like.  Her character and demeanor is what influences our designs and impeccable creations and it is our commitment to perfection is what carries us through. These are some of the qualities that come into the working and design of a La Prima dress. But, there are other qualities that remain hidden from public view, qualities that only emerge when invoked by a bride who is determined to make her dreams come true! The 3 hidden qualities of a La Prima Brand include:

Local talent underpinned by passion is an indispensible quality that gives us a positive outlook on the projects we embark on to create that perfect dress for that special someone on her fabulous moment. We embrace local talent to support local communities thrive in an art-based environment recognizing that arts and the service economy is what Jordan needs to grow its economy. Many of our top designers are Jordanian artists who have studied fashion and design in Jordan’s reputable universities or abroad. International experts, moreover, are available to help educate, train and mentor our designers to elevate their standards of work to new and competing heights.

The other is our beehive mentality; we work diligently to import designer fabrics and high quality crystals from Italy, France and Spain to ensure that we have everything you need to custom design, amend, purchase and accessorize your wedding gown or evening wear. We cover brands as wide ranging as Carnet, Emanuel Ungaro and Swarovski and we interact with leading service providers in the wedding industry to help ameliorate some of the pressure that comes along with finding that best floral agency, or wedding planer or best decor. Truly, we are like a beehive in motion.

Last but not least, international exposure is another one of our strong suits that provides leverage over other local and regional fashion houses. It helps us meet your designer requirements, regardless of which corner of the earth you come from.Our talented designers and tailors can tailor the most challenging of designs at La Prima Fashion House.

These are some of the attributes that steer La Prima’s brand forward and vision. They earned us stellar reputation in the market and will continue to do so for years to come.

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