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New Bridal Collection for La Prima 2017

2017 Trends in Wedding Dress Designs from La Prima Fashion House

New Bridal Collection for La Prima 2017

Silk, chiffon, taffeta and lace provide a sartorial dilemma for any bride to be living in Amman. They are all beautiful and sometimes difficult fabrics to work with and select from, but how do you choose the right one for your wedding dress?

Stylist experts at La Prima Fashion House state that trends in 2017wedding dress designs are all but a dream! They represent an idealized sense of fashion that depicts an air of simplicity, though by no means simplistic, and shines a light on women’s femininity, sensuality and emancipation: They show a lot of skin, plunging necklines, bare shoulders and bold oversized bows. Minimalist expressions and rich embroidery dominates the runways of Zuhair Murad 2017 collections, Elie Saab and La Prima.

New Bridal Collection for La Prima 2017

Here are some of the 2017 wedding dress trends to guide you in your quest to finding that perfect wedding dress:

  1. Plunging necklines and off-the-shoulder designs are in. “Bare all or bear all” is the overarching theme of 2017 wedding dress trends. Oscar de la Renta and Caroline Herrara all expressed their creativity through easy-to-see shoulders, simple designs accentuated with oversized bows be they on trains, waistlines or jewelry.
  1. Playing with transparency is a big thing in 2017 as fashion designers and artists aim to exalt women’s femininity and beauty by giving little to the imagination and more to the eye. Important workmanship, colorful in-lays and rich embroidery with delicate love knots and Gatsby-theme-style designs characterize much of 2017 wedding dress designs.
  1. The slim volume ruffles dress with timid-lace appliques topped up by crystal studs and hand-made embroidery over tulle is the biggest trend of 2017. Just a simple wrinkled dress is what designers are showing for the new 2017 collection. The ruffle dress, for its precise simplicity, is indeed a test of time.
  1. The Incision of color. Breaking with the traditional white color dress is not for the faint of heart. According to Brides, the 2017 pantone collection is Rose Quartz and Blue to indicate serenity and softness.
  1. Capes and tops in the form of jackets accentuated with fur lining and neatly placed over the shoulders are a big hit this season. A logical complementary for the off-the-shoulder style!
  1. The graceful antique gorget is back! It is a recurring theme that is a revival of the Victorian era of fashion, back when Queen Victoria was the queen of England and women assumed a more prominent role in society as a result of the queen’s ascent to power. Wives during that era played an important role in social life and their status surged to the forefront to reflect their husbands’ influential standing in political and economic circles

These are the 2017 trends in wedding dress designs. I hope they open up your appetite to marrying and love. More will be uncovered in relation to engagement gowns and accessories.


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